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i.MX8M Mini VPU: Changing H.264 Profile

Question asked by Koil Arul Raj on Jul 10, 2019
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In the specs for the i.MX8M Mini VPU, it states that the encoder supports H.264 Base Profile, Main Profile, and High Profile. I would like set the VPU encoder profile support by default to High Profile.

I added following line in the kernel source file, drivers/mxc/vpu-encoder-b0/vpu_encoder_b0.c,


static int initialize_enc_param(struct vpu_ctx *ctx)
    struct vpu_attr *attr = get_vpu_ctx_attr(ctx);
    pMEDIAIP_ENC_PARAM param = &attr->param;


+   param->eProfile = MEDIAIP_ENC_PROF_H264_HP;


Is it enough to configure the VPU profile to HIGH?
Do I need to do anything extra?
How to validate my VPU properly configured to MEDIAIP_ENC_PROF_H264_HP?


Koil Arul Raj.S