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External adc interface in LPC824

Question asked by Aravind palanisamy on Jun 26, 2019
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I am using LPC824 MCUXPRESSO IDE,  in lpc824 having 12 bit ADC only but i need 16 bit adc for that i search external adc , finally i got ADS1115 adc  I2C o/p IC , i don't know how to interface that ADS1115 adc module to our LPC824 MODULE plz let me know how to connect and how to take ADC values ,for example  in ADS1115 module itself having four adc channels and I2C o/p. simply  i connect 4 adc  sensors to ADS1115 and i  read i2c value in our LPC824 means that ok? or i want to use adc registers to read the adc values in ADS1115 MODULE  ? I don't have idea about the interface between lpc &ADS1115 module plx let me know the solution in brief  and share I2C codings for read the adc  values



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