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SPI+DMA  periodic triggering problem encountered

Question asked by 冬冬 彭 on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by 冬冬 彭

here is my question:

i intend to use DMA transmit the data from RAM area to SPI_PUSHR, not just single trigger ablity,  i do  follow the instruction of UM ,Page 743, DMA channels with periodic triggering capability , but it just did not work , code is as follows:

DMAMUX_1.CHCFG[0].R = 0x0;// 16 DMA channel 
init_edma_tcd_16();//   16 DMA channel transmit from source (RAM area)to destination(SPI_PUSHR buffer) 128bytes one time
PIT_Init(); //    configure the PIT channel 2 to the corresponding perodic triggers for DMA 
DMAMUX_1.CHCFG[0].R = 0xC3;//   enable  DMA channnel in periodic triggering capability

anyone ever do this function?or any suggestion? accroding to UM , we can  definitly achieve the DMA channel with periodic triggering capability.