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Messaging Unit (MU) issue

Question asked by wang liu on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by igorpadykov


I am using the tool m4ctrl to load m4 bin from linux.But I have some issues.

I git clone from m4ctrl - M4 Control Tool for i.MX platforms  ,and I build it.

Then I get an exec bin m4ctrl and an kernel module m4ctrl_dev.ko.

I use insmod m4ctrl_dev.ko in the linux shell to insmod kernel module,but an error occuring:

root@imx8mmevk:~# [  950.531748] Cannot obtain MU ID

I found it is printed from m4ctrl_dev.c:

      sciErr = sc_ipc_getMuID(&mu_id);
      if (sciErr != SC_ERR_NONE) {
         pr_err("Cannot obtain MU ID\n");
         return -EPROBE_DEFER;

The function sc_ipc_getMuID is defined in the file: drivers/soc/imx/sc/main/ipc.c.

This error occurs because the MU driver does not load in the kernel.

When Linux booting, a log can find in the shell:

[    0.114381] Cannot find MU entry in device tree

My question is: How to add MU driver on the imx8m mini board?

By the way, My yocto version is 2.5 (Sumo) and linux version is imx_4.14.78_1.0.0_ga.