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Pil Mode on KV3x

Question asked by Paul Boegemann on Apr 30, 2019
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I am currently working with the KV31F120M. I was able to generate, compile and execute small examples, watch them with FreeMaster and verify in SIL-Mode. However I can't get the PIL-Mode working.  The Model ist successfully updated but when I try to run the simulation I get this error: "Unable to find message key 'BuildArgMissing' in catalog 'Connectivity:target'".

I tried to run the Simulation in "Processor-in-the-loop (PIL)" mode instead of "Normal" as well and get this error: "Detected recursive call to slbuild, which might indicate invalid simultaneous model builds. If only one model build was in progress, and if you previously used dbquit while in the MATLAB debugger or pressed Ctrl-C during the build process, please restart the model build."


The PIL-config looks like this:

Where COM7 is the OpenSDA-Port.



Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

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