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Enabling any GPIO pin(LPC 54018) to high on recieving input from Alexa

Question asked by Tanmay Parashar on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Sabina Bruce



I am working with Alexa, AWS and the LPC 54018 module.


I am able to toggle the on board LED ON/OFF on passing a command from Alexa.

In this case when I say Alexa, ask my home to turn on/off the LED, the LED is turned on or off.


I wanted to know if on receiving the same input from Alexa can any of the other GPIO pins of the LPC 54018 module be toggled high or low? I wanted to pass information from that GPIO pin to an other board in my project.


~If I had to work on a particular application for example I say ( Alexa, ask my home to call the drone) and when I say this I wanted to enable one of the GPIO pins (Not the on board LED) of the LPC 54018 module to go high/1 on receiving this input from Alexa.


Where all do I need to make changes?


Is executing this particular application achievable and how do I do it?


Thank You