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Ee(42). Could not connect to core.

Question asked by Owen Phelan on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Owen Phelan

Hi there,


I am using the i.MXRT 1050 EVK and MCUXpresso v10.3 to build the standard "hello world" application.

I had previously done this before successfully, but now I am getting an 'Ee(42). Could not connect to core.' message whenever I try to debug any application.


I have been trying for days to fix this. When I got a second chip, the debugging worked for a period and then this error occurred again. Now I have two i.MXRT 1050 EVKs and neither of them are able to debug any application. I have tried unplugging, replugging, rebooting, updating all applications, etc. but to no avail. Can anyone assist me on this matter?