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How can I use the function 'PWMM' of eTPU on MPC5777C?

Question asked by Lim Heesun on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Marketa Venclikova


I am working on MPC5777C with s32ds.

And I want to use the eTPU function 'PWMM', but my project doesn't work.


The core clock has 260Mhz, and the system clock has 200Mhz.

And eTPU clock has 200Mhz.

Now, I have been check the system clock using ENGCLK pin and it works well.


As next step, I saw the example application AN5374, PWMM Demo with MPC5746R.

So I merged the eTPU function library from that example, and modified.

However, the TCR1 and TCR2 do not make counter. So, I think something's wrong.

But I can't find the problem. 

There's not enough information about ePTU functoin with MPC5777C for me....


So Can I get the solution with my project? 
First, I attatch some c files.

And I can upload my project for exactly information. 


Thank you.