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stuck in _msgq_send_internal when using RTCS send

Question asked by Preet Mehta on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Daniel Chen



I am using RTCS for one of my application. As a brief about how, following are some key takeaways.

- I have kept RTCS priority at 70

- My watchdog refresh is also in another task at 70

- One of my task is using send API to send data to the socket, the frequency of sending this data is 50mS. It is almost 35 bytes of data.


This are my rtcs settings.

_RTCSPCB_init = 4;
_RTCSPCB_grow = 50; 
_RTCSPCB_max = 1000; 
_RTCS_msgpool_init = 2;
_RTCS_msgpool_grow = 10;//2;
_RTCS_msgpool_max = 1000;//20;
_RTCS_socket_part_init = 4;
_RTCS_socket_part_grow = 2;
_RTCS_socket_part_max = 20;


_RTCSTASK_stacksize = 60720;
/* Change the priority: */
_RTCSTASK_priority = 70;


I am using 100 Mbps.




I am facing watchdog resets with following stack when pulled out of my sending task. upper being the latest call when watchdog hit the reset.

0x0821e178 _msgq_send_internal

0x0821e0fc _msgq_send_blocked_internal


0x081e6ff4 RTCS_cmd_issue


0x081f13a4 TCP_Process_send



.text.send 0x081e888c 0x90


0x081e888c send




0x081e888c send

0x081e888c send


I have noticed that when RTCS is bombarded with faster frequency such thing occurs. Can someone please guide me how to deal with this situation? or if I am doing something wrong?


Thanks in Advance.