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CAN transmission using Non-blocking method?

Question asked by on Feb 22, 2019
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Hi community,

I am trying to transmit CAN message using non-blocking method using MCAN_TransferSendNonBlocking(...) function.

For that I have taken reference from example project "mcan_interrupt_transfer" provided in SDK. But it is not working as expected. I've created a transfer handle using MCAN_TransferCreateHandle(...) , a callback function & a transmit buffer configuration. Everything looks very fine but it still doesn't work. Have a look at the code below. What else can be wrong? Alexis Andalon can you help me again?


/* All variables are created but not shown here */

/* Create MCAN handle structure and set call back function. */

MCAN_TransferCreateHandle(CAN0, &mcanHandle, mcan_callback, NULL);

/* TX buffer config. */

txBuffer.address = TX_BUFFER_OFS;   // 0x20U

txBuffer.dedicatedSize = 1U;

txBuffer.fqSize = 0;

txBuffer.datafieldSize = kMCAN_8ByteDatafield;

MCAN_SetTxBufferConfig(CAN0, &txBuffer);


/* This part is in CAN transmit function */


TxHandle.frame = &TxFrame;

TxHandle.bufferIdx = 0;



while ( !txComplete )        //THIS IS WHERE PROGRAM GETTING STUCK although callback function is set properly

 { }                                     // txComplete variable is always zero and never becoming 'true' so while becomes infinite loop

txComplete = false;


// MCAN Call Back function
static void mcan_callback(CAN_Type *base, mcan_handle_t *handle, status_t status, uint32_t result, void *userData)
switch (status)
case kStatus_MCAN_RxFifo0Idle:
      rxComplete = true;

case kStatus_MCAN_TxIdle:
      txComplete = true;



Note: Most of the code is from SDK only while variables are changed.