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changing State From VLPS to RUN and RUN to VLPS S32K148

Question asked by Ambarish Hundekar on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by Daniel Martynek

Hello NXP team,


We are using S32K148 controller in our project.


running the controller in normal run mode .

I have just followed the power management example code and same thing is implemented in our project.


I have few doubts 


1. changing state from the RUN to VLPS  mode (called the  POWER_SYS_Init(&powerConfigsArr, POWER_MODES, &powerStaticCallbacksConfigsArr, 0); and   retV = POWER_SYS_SetMode(VLPS, POWER_MANAGER_POLICY_AGREEMENT);) 


Before going to VLPS mode , is anything to take care (deinit or init of Peripherals, Clock , NVIC etc)?


2. How much is the current reduction if change the state from RUN to VLPS mode?


3. how to come back from VLPS to normal RUN mode ? 




how to check the different modes(RUN , HSRUN , VLPS mode) conversion ?


RUN to VLPS - how to check?

VLPS to RUN -how to check?


changing the mode from VLPS to RUN mode, need to reinitialize all the peripherals?



please kindly help me to understand the above queries and share me any  code or document relevant to power management.


Thank you in advance.