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imx8qxpmek CAN-FD cannot found

Question asked by Xi Chenchen on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by peterson hou

As described in the <i.MX linux Release Notes> Rev.L4.14.78-1.0.0_GA, 01/2019 Charter 2.1 the kernel supports CAN-FD. Then  I downloaded the image based on L4.14.78 and flash the *.sdcard file into the SD card.

when the MEK board boots,it show the kernel version 4.14.78 and it is confirmed that the L4.14.78 image has been flashed successfully.

however, when I check the "ifconfig" there is no can0 or other can bus information. 

so i try to recompile the kernel using "bitbake imx-linux -c menuconfig",and see all of the options regarding CAN bus are already included, and I did not recomliled the kernel again, only to see the CAN options.

In my mind, IMX8 has its own CANFD ,so there is no need to connect a extended CAN chip using SPI, or a BB borad, and the CAN drivers can be found directly in the kernel, but it doesn't.

in a word, how can i deploy the CAN/CANFD function in my design? 

thanks in advance.