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FRDM-KV31F shows up as MBED

Question asked by Steve Smythe on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Steve Smythe

I have just been given a KMS-enabled FRDM-KV31F, with a FRDM-MC-LVPMSM board and a Linix 45ZWN24-40 motor. I want to run Kinetis Motor Suite software on my Windows 10 PC and have followed the instructions here.


When I ran KMS for the first time, I got this error message "KMS has determined that your MCU is loaded with an image from a previous version of KMS that is not supported by the current version. To proceed, please click OK, then select the Project menu's Load Application Image option before clicking to communicate."

I then noticed this webpage saying that a batch of FRDM-KV31F MCU boards, were shipped to people, programmed with MBED OpenSDA firmware. My FRDM-KV31F board shows up in Windows 10 as MBED E: so I guess I have one of those boards.


Since quite a lot of time has passed since the board was made and the instructions were written, I am now confused about how to proceed. With the boards powered up and the motor connected, the RGB LED on the KV31F flashes green/blue alternately, which I guess shows that the hardware is working properly. What should I do now to get Kinetis Motor Suite running on my Windows 10 PC?


Help please!