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Are there different encoding requirements for iOS vs Android?

Question asked by Russell Hilyer on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Jonathan Iglesias

I have been working with NFC tags for a while, and have been using the TagWriter app by NXP on Android to encode single NFC tags with a URL. This has worked great when tag quantities are small, but it is not easy to scale. When encoding via the NXP app on Android, the encoded tags work fine on both operating systems.


I now have an NFC printer and a separate USB NFC reader, both of which have been used to encode NFC tags successfully with URLs that work great on Android phones. However, these encoded tags do not register on iOS devices as a URL, but instead it seems they are registering as plain UTF8 data.


When I scan both tags with a 3rd party application, the encoded data appears to be identical. So is there something I am missing? Do iOS devices require an additional step that I don't know about?


Thanks for your help.