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How to setup sai1 tdm mode for imx8mq-evk? 

Question asked by John Adamson on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by Sreedhar A

The end goal is to configure sai1, txd0 for 8 frame, 32-bit, TDM mode (if it's not already) under Yocto Linux. 


In "fsl-imx8mq-evk.dts", I see "fsl,sai-multi-lane" and "fsl,dataline,dsd = ...", but there's no mention (that I can find) in the devicetree documentation fsl-sai.txt file to describe either of these two options.   


I don't know if I'm even looking in the right place given my goal.  Where should the sai be configured under Linux?  


For what it's worth, I think I see how the ak4458 gets configured in alsa.state and alsa.conf, but I'm guessing that this will tell the ak4458 driver how to configure the ak4458, and what I really need is the other end, the sai configuration.