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Hyper Flash on IMX RT1060-EVK does not work

Question asked by Peter Janco on Jan 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2019 by Kerry Zhou


I have MIMXRT1060-EVK Rev.A2 board and onboard Hyperflash 6KS512SDP does not work.

I am using latest MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.0.

SDK_2.x_EVK-MIMXRT1060 v2.5.0.


I already removed resistors R153,R154,R155,R156,R157,R158 and mounted resistors R356,R361,R362,R363,R364,R365,R366.

SW7 is in position for hyperflash - OFF,ON,ON,OFF.

I am not sure if R169 should be mounted or not. I tried both options, with the same result.


I also regunfigured memory areas like this:


It shows me this error after start debug using link server:


I also try to reconfigure SW7 to serial downloader and then do Mass erase procedure:


I also try external debugger J-link with similar result. Where is the problem? Do anyone have onboard HyperFlash functional? I have also other board IMXRT1050-EVKB and there Hyperflash is working well by default.