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Why does the example model from MBDT not work?

Question asked by Leo Lyu on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by Leo Lyu

Hi, everyone. I import the example model "uart_model_pnt" into the Simulink, as the picture shows below. But when I build the model and flash it into the MCU directly with Bootloader , it doesn't run.


The model is from Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P. And I work with the S32DS and Devkit-MPC5744P.

I think the model means: Once the MCU receives a byte from PC, it will transmit a same one byte back to the PC. Is that right?

And then I configure it to adapt the Devkit-MPC5744P,  for example, change the receive pin.  And I congure and start the Rappid Bootloader to flash it into the MCU directly, as the picture shows below.

But the MUC doesn't run as the model shows. I have tried everything but I still don't know where the error is. The Simulink model is in the attachment.

I do appreciate it if you could help. 



Is there any document to decribe the example model in the MBDT?