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JN5169 - Limited to 5 actives End Devices at the same time

Question asked by Pierre Le Gargasson on Jan 9, 2019
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Star network, 1 Coordinator / 6 End Devices (no router)



I built 6 End Devices boards based on JN5169-001-M00-2 module. End Devices are sleeping and wake up one time each minute.

Coordinator is USB Dongle DR1198 or eval kit DR1174 + DR1179 + DR1199 (same result on each).


I successfully connect 5 End Devices to Coordinator, but the 6th can't be connected at the same time, I need to power off one connected End Device (say the first) and wait coordinator to disconnect this first End Device to successfully connect the 6th End Device. Once 6th End Device connected, first End Device can't connect to Coordinator.

The result is I can connect many End Devices (say 10) but I can only run 5 End Devices at the same time. Others are disconnected from Coordinator.


Steps :

- Power on coordinator

- Power on and connect 5 End Devices to coordinator

- Power on 6th End Device


No log on Coordinator side.

6th End Device log :

APP: Starting ZPS
ZQ_bQueueSend APP_msgZpsEvents 10
APP: No event to process!
APP: Network discovery complete
APP: Found 1 networks
APP: Unscanned channels 00000000
        APP: Ext PAN ID = 00158d000147834a
        APP: Channel = 11
        APP: Stack Profile = 2
        APP: Zigbee Version = 2
        APP: Permit Joining = 1
        APP: Router Capacity = 0
        APP: End Device Capacity = 0
APP: Trying Joining network
APP: Failed to join network reason = c3

// Doc 3113, Ch 10.2.3 NWK Codes => ZPS_NWK_ENUM_NOT_PERMITTED, 0xC3, NLME-JOIN.request not permitted

Network should connect 20 End Devices.


1 - How can I increase End Devices running at the same time ? Where are parameters ?

2 - How can I monitor available flash and RAM on JN5169 to estimate software load ?


Thanks for your help,