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i.MX8 Display Port Interface

Question asked by José Vinícius Melo on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2020 by Bernhard Fink



I am working with the MCIMX8M-EVK and I need to use Display Port (DP). The i.MX8 processor supports DP through interface HDMI Display Interface.


My first question is aboug this interface. I was unable to find any information about DP pins in i.MX8 documents. However, in some SOMs (System-On-Module) datasheets this information can be find. In the Figure 1 it is possible see this relation. Are these pins correct to DP connection?



My second question is related the MCIMX8M-EVK HDMI connector. My intent is used this connector (with a adapter) to use like DP output. But in the schematics it is possible see that HDMI_HPD and HDMI_AUX_N are tied together. Is it possible use some adaptor with this limitation?