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tfa9879 low power output (audio amplifier)

Question asked by MATTHEW WOLFE on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by MATTHEW WOLFE

I'm using a tfa9879 in a new product and the power output is very low, can anyone give me tips on what might be wrong?  I'm supplying 5V with a 10uF ceramic cap to both VDDP pins and driving a 4ohm speaker, but I can't get it to put out more than about 0.1watt.  The data sheet says I should be closer to 2.5W.  If I turn the volume up (register 0x13) the power output does not increase, but the sound gets very distorted as the amplifier starts clipping.  Sound is clear at lower volume levels.  The 5V supply is not the bottleneck, voltage is not sagging.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!