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Hello Guys,
Regarding NXP's Bootloader (iMCUBOOT), From what i could gather:
NXP Kinetis bootloader implementations can be:
1- "ROM-based" bootloader (Preprogrammed in device ROM by NXP & unerasable) 
==> Not Applicable for KW36 since it doesn't have an on-chip ROM.
2- Flashloader (Preprogrammed in device flash) 
In Which the  Kinetis Flashloader  is preprogrammed in the on-chip flash memory, for one-time, in-system factory programming. The Kinetis Flashloader’s main task is to load a customer firmware image into the flash memory.
==> Applicable for KW36 but the FlashLoader is packaged as an executable that is loaded from flash and executed from RAM to program a user application into the Flash (accordingly the Flashloader no longer exists) => it can only be used for "One time" in-system programming.
3- "Flash-resident" bootloader (as source code for custom, flash-based implementations ) 
=> Applicable for all Kinetics MCUs but it's only implemented/ported by NXP for some of them.
So i have some questions:
1- For Point #3:
a)- I don't think that MCUBOOT supports KW36 MCU out of the box, does it need to be Ported ? if so how & is this an easy task?
b)- From what i understand the bootloader only supports the following peripherals for loading data into Flash : I2C, SPI, UART & CAN.
(also USB if PC is used), but can it support LIN interface ? if not can it be added ?
In my application i want to flash a new application on the KW36 from another board over LIN bus.
2-For point #2:
This "FlashLoader" is only provided as an executable(.bin),so is its source code available? (i.e no need to Port the bootloader in Point#3 ?)
Thank you