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Issue in Video Streaming with gadget webcam module g_webcam in i.MX8 EVK

Question asked by Sunitha S on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Sunitha S

Not able to stream video in VLC from the sample mjpg file using gadget webcam module.
DWC3 controller stops submitting the USB Request back to the g_webcam module.


Followed below steps :


1.Download i.MX8 linux source 4.9.88
[git clone -b imx_4.9.88_2.0.0_ga]
2.Download UVC gadget test application []

2. Enable g_webcam module in linux kernel configuration
Device Drivers > USB Support > USB Gadget Support > USB Webcam Function

3.1. Cross-Compile i.MX8 source code
$ sudo apt-get install crossbuild-essential-arm64
$ make ARCH=arm64 CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-linux-gnu-
3.2. Update KERNEL_DIR, CROSS_COMPILE, ARCH in the UVC gadget test application Makefile
3.3. Cross-Compile UVC gadget application for i.MX8 platform
$ make

4. i.MX8 SD card preparation
4.1 Copy 'g_webcam.ko' and 'usb_f_uvc.ko' to /media/user/rootfs/home/root/
4.2. Copy 'uvc-gadget' executable /media/user/rootfs/home/root/
4.3. Copy sample mjpg file [640x360/1280x720] to /media/user/rootfs/home/root/

5. Insert SD card and power ON the i.MX8 platform

6. Execution
6.1. Load gadget webcam modules
$ insmod usb_f_uvc.ko
$ insmod g_webcam.ko streaming_maxpacket=1024
6.2. Run uvc gadget test application
$ ./uvc-gadget -d /dev/videoX -i <sample-mjpg-file-name>
ex: $ ./uvc-gadget -d /dev/video1 -i 1280x720.mjpg (or)
$ ./uvc-gadget -d /dev/video1 -i 640x360.mjpg
Run VLC on the streaming linux PC and start the stream with the corresponding resolution 1280x720 (or) 640x360


Please suggest if I have missed anything or where I am going wrong.