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NXP LPC1857 goes into unprogrammable state

Discussion created by Jean-Riegardt van Staden on Oct 24, 2018
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We as a company have developed a LCD display board for our project based around the NXP LPC1857. We have been at it for roughly two years now and we have come across a somewhat disturbing phenomenon. While debugging some of the boards with the J-Link Ultra+, they sometimes tend to go into a state where the can not be programmed again. When you hit download and debug in IAR, the code is built and attempted to be programmed to the LPC1857. The J-Link lights up like a christmas tree flashing a number of different colors across all three LED's and then the message pops up that states "Failed to get CPU status after 4 retries. Retry?" At this point we can not salvage the LPC1857 chip. It still runs the last version of code that was flashed to it, but it will not be picked up by IAR, repeating the procedure above. This is quite disturbing as we have lost a number of processors this way and it is quite sporadic. We have investigated the possibility of it being a DAP error but it is not that. We were able to recover other LPC chips from DAP errors and following the same procedure does not work.We have tried using J Link Commander but it also is not able to recover the damaged chips. The only way to recover our boards is to have the NXP 1857 chip replaced and that costs a lot of time and money. Do you have any advice for us?


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