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difficulties with S32K144EVB

Question asked by Jing Wang on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Jing Wang

Dear NXP / community,


Hope you are doing well.

I would appreciate very much to receive some fresh ideas / assistance on a Dev Kit, which we recently ordered but were having some difficulties with.


Upon insertion of USB cable into S32K144EVB board, the first anomaly is that D3 (PWR_LED) does not light, in spite of which, D2 lights and "EVB-S32K144" as a thumb drive actually appears, nonetheless.

What follows is probably somewhat expected: neither FreeMaster nor S32 DS Debugger could establish connection with the target MCU processor, whereas I was able to successfully reprogram the OpenSDA processor by following (PEmicro | Experts in Embedded tools for Flash Programming and Development) despite some initial hurdles to make it enter Bootloader mode.


Some attempts to debug, with inspirations from (Debugging Failure: Check List and Hints | MCU on Eclipse ), also took place. Without success, I am afraid.


It is probably worth mentioning that exactly the same setup was used to connect to another S32K144EVB board, with no problem whatsoever.


Currently my suspicion is that there is HW fault in the Power Management block, i.e. those various voltage regulators, and my next step would be to probe the generous collection of Test Points to find anomalies.

But ideas, thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome.


Thanks for bearing with me to read through this verbose description and I look very much forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,