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How to use CAN drivers with FreeRTOS?

Question asked by Rick Cordray on Oct 12, 2018

In order to use CAN with FreeRTOS, I have replaced the interrupt handler with my own that includes a semaphore for task switching.  I've modified the function MCAN_TransferCreateHandle in fsl_mcan.c in the SDK as follows:


//s_mcanIsr = MCAN_TransferHandleIRQ;
s_mcanIsr = can_TransferHandleIRQ_FreeRTOS;


I also have added the header for my code file to fsl_mcan.c.  I'm doing this because s_mcanIsr is defined within the module as a static variable and is used by other driver functions.  I really want to do this in a way that does not modify the fsl_mcan driver.  Is there another way to do this without modifying the driver?