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QMediaPlayer memory leak on QT5 (i.mx6S)

Question asked by alessandrobenfenati on Sep 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2018 by alessandrobenfenati


when I use QMediaplayer to play a wav file in sequence, the use of memory increases and is never released.

The suspicious method seems to be QMediaPlayer :: setMedia, in fact if I do not use the play method, the use of memory increases.

This is my example code:
QMediaPlayer *m_player=new QMediaPlayer;


My configuration:
- imx6solo
- Yocto
- QT 5.3.2 and QtMultimedia 5.0
- Backend: gstreamer


Do you know if QmediaPlayer or QtMultimedia has some kind of memory leak in the indicated version? Is there a patch for this problem, or a kind of workaround?