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How to enable the internal 1.5K-ohm pull-up resister in the USB PHY?

Question asked by DAVID WU on Sep 3, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by DAVID WU

In IMXRT1050 reference manual it said: Switchable 1.5KΩ USB_DP Pullup Resistor
This product contains a switchable 1.5 KΩ pullup resistor on the USB_n_DP signal.
This resistor is switched on to indicate to the host/hub controller that a full-speed-capable device is on the USB cable, powered on, and ready. This resistor is switched off at power-on reset so the host does not recognize a USB device until the processor software enables the announcement of a full-speed device. 

but hasn’t mentioned how to enable this internal pull-up resistor, and I cannot find any external pull-up resister on the board, so my PC cannot detect if device plugged in. What should I do now?