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Is OM40005 target supported with  LPCScrypt v2.0.0?

Question asked by Kumar Bhatia on Aug 2, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by Brendon Slade

Hi. New to the NXP line and invested most of the day in attempting to reflash a simple blinky onto the OM40005 kit (LPC51U68 CPU). This new kit was sourced through Arrow in the last 24 hours. The kit is enumerating the functions mentioned in the UM11121 guide on my Windows 7 (64 bit). Confirmed through Device Manager.


The same document contains many typos. One typo is too many typos. For starters


a) J5 (section 3.2) is noted for the USB connector and should be J7.

b) P3 (FTDI) is referenced as J5 in section 4

c) USB connector is J6 (not J5 as noted in section 3.2)

d) figure 4 is wrong (J7 should be J6)

e) the cardboard printed insert has the USB connector labels reversed


etc, etc...


there are many other errors in this document as well.


This document must have been proof checked by Master Po (Kung Fu tv show), if at all.


After installing the latest LPCScrypt 2.0.0 tool -> unable to convert the first CPU onboard this kit to be either CMSIS-DAP or JLINK compatible with the scrypts.


Does this tool work?


After spending (too many) hours on this, noting the following error code from the CLI:


< see attached >



Any ideas on what we are doing wrong? We do have other kits such as Nordic NRF, many STM, Silabs tools which are working correctly and perhaps could be used to apply any required fix onto this front target CPU (LPC43).