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K64F: RTOS + LiWP - tcp echo and http server

Question asked by Bony X on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by aghaj anissaj


Is it possible to deinitialize the tcpip with liwp?

I'am using the tcp echo example.

I'd like to close tcp taks and then open the http server (also from http server example) - after pressing the button.


So first i initialized tcpecho and switch IRQ. It works. Then I press the button - now i'd like to initialize http server.


If i try use both in one project (http server initialization after pressing a button), I have this statement:

"tcp_slowtmr: active pcb->state != CLOSED".


Now I try to delete tcp connection and tcp task:




And after that initialize the http server:

if(xTaskCreate(http_server,"http_server",5000, NULL, 16, NULL) != pdPASS)
     PRINTF("Task creation failed!(main)\r\n");


Now I dont have "tcp_slowtmr: active pcb->state != CLOSED", but unfortunately, still not working.



Both of exampkes work separately.


So, what i should to do? Is it possible to use http server after closing some tcpip application?