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K64F: RTOS + LiWP - tcp echo and http server

Question asked by Bony X on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Bony X


Is it possible to deinitialize the tcpip with liwp?

I'am using the tcp echo example.

I'd like to close tcp taks and then open the http server (also from http server example) - after pressing the button.


So first i initialized tcpecho and switch IRQ. It works. Then I press the button - now i'd like to initialize http server.


If i try use both in one project (http server initialization after pressing a button), I have this statement:

"tcp_slowtmr: active pcb->state != CLOSED".


Now I try to delete tcp connection and tcp task:




And after that initialize the http server:

if(xTaskCreate(http_server,"http_server",5000, NULL, 16, NULL) != pdPASS)
     PRINTF("Task creation failed!(main)\r\n");


Now I dont have "tcp_slowtmr: active pcb->state != CLOSED", but unfortunately, still not working.



Both of exampkes work separately.


So, what i should to do? Is it possible to use http server after closing some tcpip application?