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FSL_USB_STACK and Tera Term

Question asked by burgeh on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by Mark Butcher



I am using KDS v3.2 and Processor Expert to try and implement USB functionality on a custom K22FN256LH12 chip. I am using the FSL_USB_STACK, and it is currently connection to my PC fine, however I am unable to see my send commands on Tera Term. I am using Error = CDC1_SendString("Hello World!"); It is not returning any error (0x0).


I have confirmed I am using the correct serial port, however I am unsure of the tera terminal serial port settings. I have an image below of my settings, but I have tried many different baud rates. I am unable to find a baud rate value in the CDC component as well.


Any Suggestions to something I may have missed would be appreciated!