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Linker Command File (LCF) P:RAM Clarification

Question asked by Derrick Klotz Employee on Jun 20, 2018
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I have been helping a customer get a better understanding of how to configure their LCF for our MC56F8037 using CodeWarrior 10.7.  The reference material that we have been using include:

  - 56800/E Digital Signal Controllers: MC56F8xxx/DSP5685x Targeting Manual

  - AN5143 "Relocate Subroutines to PRAM for MC56F827xx DSC"

The examples provided in this documentation do not seem to clearly explain how to describe the P:RAM in the LCF.  The customer needs to execute subroutines in P:RAM.


According to the 56F8037/56F8027 Data Sheet,

  - P:$00_0000 to P:$00_7FFF  = Program Flash

  - P:$00_8000 to P:$00_8FFF  = Program RAM

  - X:$00_0000 to X:$00_0FFF  = Data RAM


But the automatically generated linker command file produces the following:

 .p_interrupts_ROM     (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x0000,   LENGTH = 0x0080   # reserved for interrupts
 .p_flash_ROM          (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x0080,   LENGTH = 0x7F80  

 .p_flash_ROM_data     (RX)  : ORIGIN = 0x0000,   LENGTH = 0x0FFF   # internal xRAM mirror
                                                                    # for pROM-to-xRAM copy

 .x_internal_RAM       (RW)  : ORIGIN = 0x0000,   LENGTH = 0x0FFF  


Why is ".p_flash_ROM_data" not set to "ORIGIN = 0x8000"?

Why is there no ".p_RAM" space defined?


What would be the correct way to configure the linker command file so that the customer's subroutines can be relocated into Program RAM for the MCF8037 - as described in AN5143 for the MC56F827xx?  How does the "pROM-to-pRAM copy utility" work (which is briefly mentioned in AN5143)?


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