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S32K144 EVB and Lauterbach

Question asked by Jorge Suarez-Rivaya on Jun 7, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2019 by Mohamed Benazzouz

Hi All,

I would like specific notes on how to flash and debug the S32K14x AUTOSAR MCAL Sample Application using Lautebach for flashing and debugging. For both JTAG and SWD ports.


I initially tried OpenSDA for flashing and debugging which is OK.

I then tried to do the same using Lauterbach debugger but Lauterbach Trace32 keep reporting "Power down" target.

I have tried both the JTAG and SWD ports. Jumper J104 is in 1,2 position. The board is powered using the USB.


I can attach screenshots of Trace32 configuration if necessary but I would like to see a steps process and identify any miss step.