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Unable to unlock MKL26z64vft4

Question asked by DILEEP T N on May 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2019 by yongzheng lv


we are using the MKL26z64vft4 in our latest project.And presently facing a issue while debugging the IC with J-Link and U-link.Presently we are using keil and while debugging a window pop 's up and shows the following text.

"Kinetis Device is locked! Do you want to unlock it ?

mass erase will be executed!".

After that we pressed the "ok " button to proceed further with mass erasing of the device.But unfortunately Another window pop-ed up with the following message

" Cannot Access Memory (@ 0xf0002FF0, read, acc size: 4 byte)".

We further proceed by pressing ok button on the pop-up window.And further another window appeared with the following information starting with an yellow triangle with exclamatory mark

" error : flash download failed - target DLL has been cancelled".

Since we had no other option we further proceed with the ok button.Could you please suggest the possible reasons which could lead to the error shown above? How should we move forward with the debugging of the IC.Please suggest us the steps and procedures to be followed to overcome this issue while debugging thee board.Is there any hardware wise setup which we should check whether we have implemented in our design which could have lead to such an error? Am looking forward to hear from you.....................


MCU used : MKL26Z64VFT4

Software : Keil

Programmer : U-link v2 and J-link

Problem : Unable to unlock MKL26Z series MCU


Is there is any specific method available to unlock kinetis series mcu.What is your suggestion?


Any help will be appreciated.