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Question asked by John Thompson on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2018 by John Thompson

I notice in the EEEPROM_Quick_Start.mcp project in the main.c code there is the line..


#define PARTITION_D_FLASH 0x20  /* M48H mask only */


As I am using a different mask (1N35H) could  someone tell me how the PARTITION should be modified.


We are using the DEMOAX9S12 evaluation board with the XEP100 device and using the EEEPROM_Quick_Start.mcp  project from the downloaded files. I am able to verify the EEEPROM memory functionality by stepping through the code using Codewarrior when connected to the Demo board but when trying to repeat the process on our design of system board with a XEP100 then the FDIV error is displayed whilst executing the step through. I've confirmed the  


'#define FCLK_DIV 0x2F   // Flash clock divider for 50MHz crystal'


in the CLOCK DIVIDE SECTION is correct and the board/device functions correctly with the rest of the project. This is the second system board with an XEP100 device showing the same problem so I'm confident I've ruled out a device with faulty memory.

Any ideas?