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Serial Bootloader for MC56f82748: Unable to jump to Application code

Question asked by Renan John Cañas on Feb 12, 2018

Good Day!

I need help in the bootloader implementation for MC56f82748. It seems that after downloading the application code to the mcu, it was not able to jump to the application code.


I downloaded a bootloader from one of the forums here. List for DSC bootloaders 

It was already ported for mc56f82748 and I used it in my application. So far I was able to download my application code to the mcu using the bootloader. I also already followed the instructions on the bootloader itself on the files that are needed to be modified.

Instructions from Bootloader

Modified lines in code:

I also modified the linker file as per the instruction give.

I was able to successfully download the application code s record using the bootloader.



Did I miss some things in the modification of the application code? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I have tested the application code alone without the modifications for serial bootloading and it is doing what it is supposed to do.

I attached the linker file of the application code and the xmap file.