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S12ZVLA ADC sampling time

Question asked by VYSHAKH J on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Daniel Martynek


           I need information regarding the precise calculation of ADC sampling time, please go through the controller and configuration that I am using:

Controller: S12ZVLA96

f_bus(bus frequency): 32Mhz

ADC : 6-channel 10 bit

ADC operating mode: Restart Mode, Single access mode

ADC Command sequence list length: 36

Please help me with the information on, what will be the time required for completing conversion of one channel, once a command in command list has been loaded.

As per data sheet I found two calculation related to ADC sampling time, below I mentioned those two formula,


1)  Conversion time = 5 Bus cycles + 2 ADC conversion cycles  

2) Total Sample time = Buffer sample time + Final Sample time

                                 = 2 ADC CLK + 2 ADC CLK

                 Can you provide how to correlate these two equations, and  what will be the total time required for completing the 36 commands , for the above configuration?



Thanks ,

Vyshakh J