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Discussion created by guo chunhua on Jan 31, 2018
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Dear sir/ms.

   I have made a program in codewarrior 10.7,the cpu is mc56f84789. In PE, I have met two problems, they are follows.

  1.  I have added a flash module in my program,but I can not  read or write the flash correctly, can you give me an example that how I read or write the flash? It is wonderful if you can give me a video.

  2. I have added eFlexPWM module, there is a fault in my program when the PWM fault pin is high level. If there is a fault, sometimes enter the fault interrupt,sometimes does not enter the fault interrupt,  how can I  set the fault pin  to enter the fault interrupt ? or which options  can I set to enter the fault interrupt? can you give me an example? It is wonderful if you can give me a video.



Best regards.

chunhua guo