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Not able to compile KW41Z example code with latest SDK

Question asked by Vishnu Beema on Jan 4, 2018
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I am facing issues with latest KW41Z SDK. Please let me know your inputs. I was going through below link for installation.


 I am facing issues in compiling example code. Below are my queries and steps followed.


1. As per video IDE is of version “MCUXpressoIDE_0.0_344.exe”. But when I download, it is of “MCUXpressoIDE_10.1.0_589.exe” version.


2. In “3. Build, Run” tab, as part of building, below is snapshot from Video.



But in my tool it is shown as below. I changed to UART. Are these settings are fine ??

I am using ieee_802_15_4 -> mwa_coordinator (with freertos option).




3. I unchecked “Include semihost HardFault handler”. Is this fine ??



Whereas in video this option is not present.



4. If I build, I am getting compiler errors.



5. I am not sure why these errors are coming (In few cases, include files are not included. These include files are under compile time macros. But why these macros are enabled by default). Even if I change compiler, from “Compiler default” to “-std=gnu99” still I am getting same errors. Are there any settings to be changed in latest IDE so that macros are enabled ??



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