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High ethernet packet loss (iperf3)

Question asked by ranshalit on Dec 17, 2017
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We are struglling for at least a week now, with performance issues related to Ethernet packets and gstreamer: we are sending video over rtp (udp) from PC to imx6 ( lec-imx6 from adlink) , and observed a very bad performance even with small resolutions and bandwidth: starting from ~50Mbits/sec there is a very bad video playback over the imx6 station.
We have been investigating this issue, for couple of days, and seems now that we found the root cause of this performance issue.


It seems that there is high loss of packets between PC sender and the lec-imx6 receiver. we see this with a simple iperf3 test between this station. with 40Mbit/sec there is already over 85% packet loss !!

We see that the issue been discussed here:

But can't see it was resolved yet.


I would appreciate your assistance on this. This is a critical issue.
This is based on yocto build supplied by adlink from web site (jethro yocto)

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