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Missing LPCOpen support for LPC845 devices

Question asked by Carsten Groen on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Carsten Groen

Dear NXP,

it is such a shame that you decide to drop the LPCOpen support for new LPC84x devices   We have a new project where there is a LPC824 device (as a co-processor to a LPC1778) and during development (added features) we have outgrown the flash. A natural step is then to use the LPC845 (which is an impressing device to say the least!), but only to discover that there is no LPCOpen support for that one. This does not make any sense, the LPC845 is a "natural" improvement for the 82x series (pin compatible!), but you destroy the easiness of this by not continuing the support for LPCOpen when it would be natural in this case (the 845 is a drop-in replacement hardware wise, but not software wise because of your decision).

Very disappointing step in my view!

Are there any (at all) chance that you might add support for the 84x family in LPCOpen ??