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How to reinvoke bootloader in LPC824 with iap command?

Question asked by Ranjith Shanbhag on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Jesper Madsen

kerry zhou

i am trying to invoke ISP boot-loader from iap command. Found it is generating auto-baud and responding back with required details(mentioned in user manual UM10800 of LPC 824 page no 12-13).

Problem what i am facing is it is not staying in boot mode for long time and it resetting.

Can someone help me how to sort out this problem?



Below is the code to reinvoke isp.

#define REINVOKE_ISP        57

int iap_reinvoke_isp(void)
    cmd_table.cmd_code = REINVOKE_ISP;


    iap_call(&cmd_table, &result_table);


    return (int)result_table.ret_code;