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S32DS EWL and newlib standard clarification

Question asked by Dan Teodorescu on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by Jonathan Cole



I am working with S32DS for Power Architecture v1.2 for a future medical product. We are trying to decide between selecting EWL or newlib standard C libraries, both of which are bundled with S32DS. According to the bundled documentation, the following versions are installed:

* The Red Hat newlib C Library - libc 2.2.0 - December 2014

* EWL C Reference Manual - Document Number: CWEWLCREF Rev 10.x, 02/2014

* EWL C++ Library Reference - Document Number: CWEWLCPPREF Rev 10.x, 02/2014


Can you please comment on the following questions?

1. Can you comment on the level of testing performed on EWL and newlib for  suitability of their use in medical applications?

2. What is the notification process when NXP releases patches for newlib/stdlibc++?

3. Will both EWL and newlib be maintained going forward or is either being deprecated?

4.a. To which ISO C++ standard does EWL conform to? EWL C++ Library Reference Rev 10.x is very vague on this topic. (More specifically does EWL support modern C++?)

4.b. To which ISO C standard does newlib conform to? I didn't see any reference to anything newer than ISO9899 "C99".

4.c. To which ISO C++ standard does newlib/stdlibc++ conform to?


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