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How to set IP Address in U-Boot build for i.MX6 Linux BSP

Question asked by yuuki on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by igorpadykov

Dear all,


We run Linux L4.1.15 BSP on i.MX6SoloX-SABRE board.


According to the "Table 10. Common kernel boot parameters" in the i.MX_Linux_Release_Notes.pdf, usually, the IP addsess can be  set in Bootloader.


We want to set it as setting of the default of U-Boot.
We understand that we should add it to a source code of U-Boot.


However, we do not understand this source code and the setting method.


Would you tell me the source code and the description that we should modify?


Best Regards,