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misstake with my DDR3 calibration

Question asked by zhangzhiyong on Aug 20, 2017
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Today,I test my on board DDR3 with DDR_Stress_tools_V1.0.3 and DDR_Stress_tools_V2.7.0.My board used MT41K128M16JT-125K,The SCH please see the I used the DDR tools, created inc file .named


Then I used it in DDR_Stress_tools_V2.7.0

calibration result is on picture  then I put the value in, calibration it again

several timesand used the initial MYBOARD.incseveral times.

The rusults is all different.  

in every times,After test,I put the all  the  value I got in Flash_header.S .it no work even got worse ,some result can`t standup kernel.

then  I used DDR_Stress_tools_V1.0.3 ,The phenomenon is same.

MY Stress test used can do well

It debug print says "Stress test successful"

Is my calibration wrong ???If I wrong please tell me how to calibration it

My English is poor 

thank you

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