S32K144 problems with LPSPI 16bit transmission to UJA1169

Discussion created by carpenter on Aug 17, 2017
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I have some problems with the SPI communication. When loading the transmit data register (TDR) with a 16-bit value (in the traced example: 0x0204), it only transferes the first 8-bit (0x02). The second 8-bits are always zero (instead of 0x04).

This is weird for me, because:

- in the transmit control register I've set the frame size to 16 bit (0xf)

- I can verify that there are 16 clock cycles on the SCLK line

- I see that there changeline is set correctly over this time

- I imported the SBC UJA1169 driver from processor expert and verified that it is configured as in the example code (in my application I had to change PCS from PCS2 to PCS0)


 I've a PCB with the S32K144 controller, using the system base chip UJA1169.


Data word to send:


SPI configuration:


Any hints for me?


kind regards