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MCUXpresso bug "No debug targets available"

Question asked by pge on Aug 9, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Ken Samuelson

Dear all,


After some sequences of launching and terminating debug session in MCUXpresso 10.0.2 with LPC-link2 I regularly get the following error message:


A pup-up with title "LinkServer" show the following error:

No debug targets available


All SWD targets are currently connected to other debug sessions.

Press 'Cancel' to terminate this launch

All the debug related buttons (Resume, Step Into, Terminate, ...) are disabled, the Debug panel is also closed so I cannot terminate any debug session.


I have tried Ctrl+F2 shortcut and to disconnect reconnect the probe but MCUXpresso still show the same pop-up again and again. The only solution to solve this issue is to close MCUXpresso and restart it. 


Thanks in advance for any support