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Adding X11 Interlace Video Mode Support to Yocto

Question asked by Anuradha Ranasinghe on Aug 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2017 by Qiang Li - Mpu Se

Hi All,

I want to enable and add support for interlace displays to X11 graphical environment, specifically for LCD interfaces. I can see that there are several interlace display modes are available in mxc_lcdif.c, but for some reason non of those modes are loaded by Xserver. The X11 server log has the output :





[1630468.051] (II) VIVANTE(0): printing discovered frame buffer 'fb0' supported

[1630468.051] (II) VIVANTE(0): Modeline "D:720x576i-25"x0.0   13.50  720 722 870

[1630468.052] (II) VIVANTE(0): Modeline "D:720x4bt65680i-30"x0.0   13.50  720 723 865

[1630468.052] (II) VIVANTE(0): Modeline "D:720x576i-50"x0.0   27.00  720 722 101

[1630468.052] (II) VIVANTE(0): Modeline "D:720x480i-60"x0.0   27.00  720 723 999

[1630468.070] (II) VIVANTE(0): Output DISP3 BG has no monitor section

[1630468.070] (II) VIVANTE(0): Not using mode "D:720x576i-25" (interlace mode no

[1630468.070] (II) VIVANTE(0): Not using mode "D:720x480i-30" (interlace mode no

[1630468.070] (II) VIVANTE(0): Not using mode "D:720x576i-50" (interlace mode no

[1630468.071] (II) VIVANTE(0): Not using mode "D:720x480i-60" (interlace mode no

[1630468.071] (II) VIVANTE(0): No remaining probed modes for output DISP3 BG

[1630468.071] (II) VIVANTE(0): Output DISP3 BG connected


I am using kernel 4.1.15_1.0 with Yocto Krogoth release on IMX6Q. I also made the changes to :




        ScrnInfoPtr pScrn = xf86Screens[arg];
        ScrnInfoPtr pScrn = arg;

       /* if (mode->Flags & V_INTERLACE) {      //commented interlace mode checking !!!
                if (verbose) {
                        xf86DrvMsg(pScrn->scrnIndex, X_PROBED,
                                   "Removing interlaced mode \"%s\"\n",
                return MODE_BAD;
        return MODE_OK;


But no luck, is there anything else I have to configure to enable interlace display support ?