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How to Use  QN9021 Bootloader

Question asked by 张恺钰 张 on Aug 3, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by 张恺钰 张


   It is very glad to use chip QN9021.Now i use Uart to connect its Bootloader, i met some difficulties. the datasheet shows.

So before connected ,what my UART baud rate shouled be?


2. ISP PDU has CRC(2 bytes),but i don't know how to caculate?

Could you help me with it ? or provide a example. such as input 0x01,0x02,and then out put is 0xaabb.or i will preciate 

if you can provide a C language example.


3.when i want to download a appliacation to flash? Which Steps is necessary?

as the datasheet shows:



Thanks for your reading.

I am waiting for your replay.