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How to verification the uart's RTS/CTS can work use KW41Z on MCUXpresso?

Question asked by Daniel Tseng on Jul 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Gerardo Rodríguez

KW41Z's SDK_2.2_FRDM-KW41Z which has example and driver .
Uart only supported by the software program TX / RX, and does not support the CTS/RTS function.
I needs to verify that the CTS/RTS on the hardware is working properly.
I found the simplest uart program (lpuart --> polling).
To ask how to modify the UART can be verified CTS and RTS hardware wiring can work properly?

【   frdmkw41z_driver_examples_lpuart_polling 】

SW modifications:


void BOARD_InitLPUART(void) {


   PORT_SetPinMux(PORTC, PIN4_IDX, kPORT_MuxAlt4);      /* PORTC4 (pin 40) is  UART0_RTS PTC4 */

  PORT_SetPinMux(PORTC, PIN5_IDX, kPORT_MuxAlt4);       /* PORTC5 (pin 41) is  UART0_CTS PTC5 */

  PORT_SetPinMux(PORTC, PIN6_IDX, kPORT_MuxAlt4);       /* PORTC6 (pin 42) is UART0_RX */

  PORT_SetPinMux(PORTC, PIN7_IDX, kPORT_MuxAlt4);       /* PORTC7 (pin 43) is UART0_TX */