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MPC5643L: How to bypass self test(LBIST, MBIST)

Question asked by Rajakumaran Azhagappan on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2018 by Inaki Alonso


We are using MPC5643L daughter board with MC33908 mother board for our evaluation testing.

codewarrior version:  "CW for MPC55xx and MPC56xx 2.10".


We could successfully power up the evaluation board in LSM as well as in DPM by updating the shadow flash memory.


We are testing the BIST feature available in MPC5643L. With default configuration in shadow memory, it executes the BIST(LBIST & MBIST) and the corresponding status are available in the relevant registers.


Now, we would like to bypass the self test by writing the below code in the shadow memory by using algorithm "Freescale_MPC5643L_1x32x4k_Shadow_Blk.pcp" & application "cw_progppcnexus.exe"



But even with above configuration code, the self test is being executed and status available as "Self-test complete" .

Can anyone help us with configuration procedure or additional settings required if any?

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